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For the first time in years we're selling our back catalogue of CDs and tees. Check out our store at Big Cartel to order. It's easy and payment is through Paypal.

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For sale is:

Voodoo Canape

$12.00 (+ shipping)

The break-through album with classics such as, "Mushroom Munchin Moonhowler", "Don't wanna work", "More Hot-nuts", "You Tonight", "River Swamp Stomp" and the cover of the Monsters favourite; "Record Junkie". This album is the first Midnight Woolf album to feature vocals, it was written and recorded in a three month stint in Valencia Spain. The classic Midnight Woolf sound emerged from the Valencian swamp on VOODOO CANAPE. Recorded in 2007. The Crossbone Recording Company

Track List:

Fucked Up Baby / What Have I Done
More Hot-Nuts
Don't Wanna Work
The Mushroom Munchin' Moonhowler
You Tonight
The Trouble Twist
River Swamp Stomp
Born To Lose
What's Going On?
Record Junkie
Oh! Girl!

Electric Deluxe Graveyard Blues

$12.00 (+ shipping)

The first record that sees Midnight Woolf as a band, again instrumental, raw and lo-fi, lots of messed up blues arrangements with a bonanza of lead-breaks. Not for the faint-hearted. Recorded in 2006. Also on the Crossbone Recording company.

Track list:

1. I'm a Mushroom Munchin Moonhowler
2. Born to lose
3. Sloppy Drunk Blues
4. Trouble at Threeforks
5. Kill Goodluck's Blues
6. Hot Nuts
7. XXX Blues
8. Black Coyote
9. Dog Dance
10.Eyes on You
12.The man with two right hands
13.I been lonesome

Blues That Just Won't Quit

$10.00 (+ shipping)

The debut instrumental solo album, dirty lo-fi experimental blues. From nice melow tunes to more wigged out and distorted songs. Great background music to chill to. Recorded in 2004. On the Crossbone Recording Company label.

Track list:

1. Midnight's Theme
2. Black cat Bone
3. Cutsnake Blues
4. Tailights
5. Chilli Bean Blues
6. The devil's got a spaceship
7. Mother Midnight
8. Squeedy squeak Blues
9. Red Hot Blues
10. Hotel Lobby Blues
11. This Bleeding Brain

Midnight Woolf White on Black Tee

$22 (+ shipping)

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